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Ensure your business is protected by the best security services and 24/7 monitoring. Whether your business is small or large, Casalarme has a security package right for you.

1. Intrusion Detection System including:

Securitylink® Two-Way Voice: a fast and reliable connection to our monitoring station. In an emergency, our monitoring station will ask for identification and ensure that the authorities have been dispatched to your location.

Parallel Cellular Connection: Your alarm system can be connected through a cellular network, giving your business an extra level security. In the event your regular telephone service is somehow interrupted, a cellular connection ensures uninterrupted monitoring and security.

* Door, Window & Glass Shock Break Sensors
These sophisticated sensors respond to the specific sound and vibration of breaking glass. If anyone attempts to force their way into a business facility by breaking a window or a glass pane in a door, these sensors will instantly detect the threat and trip your alarm.

* Safeshield® Motion Detectors
Using infrared light, these sensitive motion detectors activate your alarm when an intruder moves across a barely visible beam of light. Small and reliable, Safeshield® motion detectors are more economical than microwave or ultrasonic sensors.

* Sirens, Strobes and Sounders
We can employ a variety of devices, both indoor and outdoor, to signal and discourage an approaching intruder.

Casalarme can install an efficient intercom system in your building or warehouse, allowing convenient, hands-free communication.

Access Control Card
All our business security systems include an Access Control Card option, allowing you to better control who has right of entry to your business sites.

Video Surveillance
Casalarme offers a range of options in indoor or outdoor video surveillance. Keep an eye on all of your facilities and valuable inventory with cost-effective surveillance from Casalarme.

2. Fire and Smoke Safety Monitoring

Protect your business and its contents from fire with our top-grade fire, heat, and smoke detection equipment. A direct-to-fire department notification system electronically reports a fire as soon as it's detected, leaving you free to concentrate on getting everyone out of your business site safely. Just like other security alarms, the proper authorities are immediately alerted when the alarm is triggered.

3. Dangerous Gases:

Casalarme offers a range of proactive gas detection systems that will protect your employees from harmful gases, vapours, or oxygen depletion. These devices will immediately alert you and our monitoring station to the presence of toxic air-borne substances such as carbon monoxide or flammable gases and allow you to evacuate your well before their presence can cause any harm to any personnel.

4. Low temperature Control Sensor / Furnace Failure

A heating system failure during winter can lead to serious damage to both your facility and its valuable contents. Safeguard against this problem by having Casalarme install a temperature sensor which will immediately contact our Monitoring Station should the temperature drop below 7 degrees. Appropriate action can then be taken to repair your heating system or prevent water damage from burst pipes. Another way Casalarme protects your business!

5. Water and Flood Control

Casalarme can also safeguard your business site against water damage by installing devices that alert you to excessive moisture or remotely shut off your water supply.

6. 24/7 Monitoring Services ULC Approved

Rest assured, our monitoring services are as good as anyone's. ULC approved, they meet the tough standards of independent third-party testing and are subject to thorough and unbiased evaluation. Your business deserves the best, and with Casalarme that's exactly what you get. Superior, personal service and excellent, quality-tested 24/7 monitoring, all at an affordable price.

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