Casalarme will equip your home or business with nothing but top quality, Canadian-made security and alarm hardware. We feature equipment manufactured by DSC, a world leader in electronic security with over thirty years of experience. DSC components are recognized around the world for their sophistication and reliability. We will ensure proper installation and back up all our alarm systems with our customer satisfaction guarantee.
In order to install a Casalarme system, you must be the owner of the property. We also must inspect the property and make an evaluation of your security needs. Call today and Robert or Jan will visit you, at your convenience, to make a proper assessment. It's free and there's absolutely no obligation.
No, your security system can only be turned off from the control unit located in your home. The only other option is to turn it off with your remote keychain.
All security systems incorporate a small delay period of up to 99 seconds in order to allow the user to deactivate the alarm when it is triggered accidentally. This cuts down on the number of false alarms and helps to ensure that only genuine alarm situations are responded to.
Wireless systems are often easier to install in existing homes as there is less need to drill into walls to insert necessary wires. Hard wired systems are a better option for those in the process of building their homes. When installing a wireless system, some drilling is still required, to install a control panel for example, but far less than with a hard-wired security system. However, our free, no obligation evaluation of your property will help determine what kind of system is best for you.
Your security system uses your existing phone line to communicate with the monitoring station. For basic security services, a standard landline is necessary.
Yes. A cellular backup system is an option.
Yes. As part of Casalarme's commitment to the best possible customer service, your system is tested on a daily basis. However, if anything malfunctions or needs to be replaced, it should be indicated for you on your the digital display of your keypad. Please call immediately so your system can be serviced and repaired if necessary.
Yes. All security systems come with a backup power supply. Even if there is a power outage, your loved ones and valuables will be protected for several hours.
A delay period of at least fifteen seconds is automatically initiated every time the alarm is tripped. This ensures that in the case of false alarms you have ample time to deactivate the alarm before it is responded to.
Care must be taken in the installation of motion sensors. For example, if a motion sensor is installed near a heater of some kind, false alarms can result. The movement of blinds or curtains can also set off the alarm. If this type of problem persists, Robert or Jan can adjust the sensor for you or move it to an alternative location.
If you press the panic or fire alarm button for one to three seconds, an alarm is instantly transmitted to our monitoring center in order to have emergency services dispatched to your home. Please remember, when sending an alarm using this method, it cannot be cancelled by conventional means. Also, please note that ALL alarm signals are verified before contacting police.
A great deal of technological equipment is employed to ensure active and reliable 24 hour monitoring. Such monitoring may seem expensive at first, but when considering the value of security and keeping your home and family safe, it's really a small price to pay. Your business or loved ones will be protected by the most up-to-date security systems, giving you peace of mind. Insurance companies provide discounts of up to 25% for homes with 24 hour monitoring. Plus, when compared to our competitors, a security system from Casalarme is an even better value. Peace of mind for less! Now that's hard to beat.
Yes. Please notify us immediately of any changes to your phone service.
No. Your security system is designed to immediately seize the phone line in order to notify the monitoring station.
In most cases, no. The system is designed to know the difference between a small pet and a human being. Pet friendly motion sensors are available. If you own pets, please consult with Robert and Jan to ensure the optimum set up for your security system.
Two-way communication is a vital aspect of any monitored security system. Your landline is used to enable communication between you and the monitoring station. When the alarm is triggered we can contact you to find out if there is a genuine emergency. If we receive no answer or verification is not complete, we will respond immediately.
It may. Studies show homes with monitored security systems are far less likely to be targeted by burglars. More and more homeowners are concerned about security and prospective buyers may also be interested in purchasing homes with state-of-the-art alarm systems.
Yes. Having a home security system from Casalarme can save you money in more ways than one. In addition to the savings you receive by signing on with Casalarme, you will also qualify to receive an additional discount on your homeowner's insurance. Most insurance companies will grant discounts to homeowners who have had security systems installed. Insurance providers have specific security requirements for discounts-check with your insurance provider today to see how you can enjoy better protection, plus save money.
You are being informed that the alarm system is not in a position to be armed. Common reasons for this are doors or windows not properly closed, a motion detector being activated, or a previous alarm that has not been cleared from the system's memory. Correct the situation and then proceed. If the problem persists, please call us.
Your alarm system is capable of sending many different types of signals which is why we must carefully test it during installation. On occasion a system will send a signal that is not clearly defined in our database, thus requiring us to update our system information.
If you have had a Casalarme system in your home for at least two years prior, then we will be happy to provide a $100.00 discount on the installation of a new system in your new residence.
No. Your system is an independent unit and can only be turned off using your control touchpad.
You can reach Robert or Jan at 514-626-0-911.
There are many companies out there that give you special deals if you sign up for a long-term contract. If you do, you may save a few dollars, but then you'll be at the mercy of one company. At Casalarme, we believe you should have a choice of short-term, long-term, or even no contract at all. We are confident that once you work with us, you'll be happy to stay with us.


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